Tips for a Healthy Lawn and Garden

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Tips for a Healthy Lawn and Garden

When it comes to spring cleaning, the inside of your house is not the only place that needs some love. Winter can be brutal to your lawn and garden area and now is the perfect time to begin sprucing up your outdoors. Here are some important tips for a Spring lawn and garden:

1. Clean up and rake. Winter can leave behind a lot of leaves, twigs and other debris. Clear it away to help your lawn and garden breathe. The occasional leaf isn’t a big deal, but piles can lead to mold or decay.

2. Clear away weeds in garden. Get rid of weeds as early as possible and then loosen the soil—this makes it possible for oxygen to reach the roots of the plants. In smaller areas you can use hand tools, but if you have a large garden, a rotary cultivator is the way to go.

3. Prune trees. Fruit trees especially need to be pruned in order to carry fruit. This involves removing dead branches or cross branches that rub against each other. Branches that point straight up or inwards should be removed, as well.

4. Trim the hedges. Hedges with leaves should preferably be trimmed in early spring. Conifers are better trimmed during the growing period, one time early spring and once more in the middle of the summer.

5. Cut your lawn. Don’t cut the grass too short. When you mow only a third of the grass leaf each cutting, you can safely leave clippings that will decompose and add nutrients to the soil.

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