What Our Clients Are Saying About Sunlight, Water & Us

See what other Pennsylvania and New Jersey home and property owners are saying about their lawn, yard, and property services provided by Sunlight, Water and Us…

“The grass is so much better since your company took over. 1st year living here I had (company name withheld) and cost a fortune with very little dependence. 2nd year had Sunlight, water, and us, now always have nice green grass with no bald patches. Always helpful and friendly.”

from M.D. – 18045

“You do a thorough job. Everything is blown away neatly. You are dependable. You respond quickly to questions and requests. You and your employees are all good workers & very polite & nice. We’re happy to do business with you!”

from T.R. – 18020

“The lawn is always just the right height and perfectly even. I never see any grass clippings in the mulch. I like how you have been edging too. Keep up the great work. I had a difficult time finding the perfect lawn service over the last 8 years and am happy I found you!”

from D.K. – 18040

“Customer service is A-1. Professional & courteous. Love the referral program. Knowledge of lawn care, consistant/repeatable success with how lawn looks after treatments. Highly recommended – wouldn’t think of going to any other vendor. You have been great to work with over the years. Your high level customer service should be emulated by others.”

from T.N. – 18064

“Jason Motto who owns and operates Sunlight, Water and Us Inc. is the epitome of the consummste professional. His friendly, approachable attitude takes you back to the yesteryear of what a business was “back in the day”. His expertise, competence and courtesy in dealings with my Wife and I have made him a Family friend and our lawn service professional for over 10 years. He is always willing to listen, and advise on new ideas.

If you have a project, he approaches it with the “can do” attitude that is so refreshing in today’s market. He has been able to keep his prices commensurate with the economy, which is so important these days. His work ethic is manifested through his staff as well. These crucial virtues will weather him through any storm. Jason and his Company come highly recommended. I have received numerous compliments on my lawn that I cannot (but wish I could) take credit for.”

“Description Of Work:I used the seven treatments program with Sunlight Water and Us which includes basically everything your lawn needs from weed control treatments, pre-emergent crabgrass control, grub control, fungicide treatments, lime and anything else your lawn might need. The owner Jason will make an appointment to inspect your lawn, then tell you what is going on with your lawn and provide you a listing of the treatments your lawn exactly needs to be what exactly you want your lawn to look like.”

“Customer Comments:Sunlight Water and Us has been doing my regular lawn treatments for 3 full seasons now and we could not be happier with the service. The owner Jason Motto is very informative and willing to walk you through the different treatments your lawn needs. In the past I was unsuccessful with some other lawn fertilizer companies. It wasn’t until I went with Sunlight Water and Us was my lawn nice and healthy for the first time in a long time. The 7 step lawn treatment program Jason offers is top notch and you get all of the lawn fertilizing needs for one great price.

If you are looking for a company that is willing to go the extra step to make your lawn look the way you want, give Jason at Sunlight Water and Us a call and you will not be happier.”